The value of standing deadwood for fairies

It is frequently remarked how deadwood is highly valuable for bacteria, bats, birds, insects, and fungi, but all too often do we forget that fairies also benefit greatly from deadwood of the standing kind. Today, I actually came across a fairy home at the base of an oak tree, and in light of this monumental discovery I thought the first thing I’d do it write about it in the most serious of manners.

Below, I have included the best photos of what is classed as a fairy door, though in this instance there seems to have been some form of ecological succession, as the fairies seem to have also begun to landscape the surrounding area. Frighteningly fabulous.

What may this be? Is it a gateway to the kingdom of Hades? Is it a public restroom? Perhaps neither; for it is a fairy door.
A rather quaint little abode, though as it is exposed on its south-western side, I expect the heating bills are quite high.
A well-trained gateway of ivy greets all visitors who are under 20cm in height.
A well-laid table, with utensils that may actually be a form of antiquated javelin.
A gnome stands a silent vigil, though doubles-up as a riddlemaster.
A selection of choice firewood ensures the heating bills may actually not be so high after all.
The value of standing deadwood for fairies

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