Fairies and deadwood – the saga continues

If you actually bother to read what I write here, you may recall that just over two months ago I stumbled across a fairy house within an oak tree. Yes, you read that right – a fairy house. Quite amazingly, it’s still there – and with some major improvements! Clearly, the local press coverage and the huge increase in visitors had enabled the fairies to acquire more land and more material possessions, as there is now not only a cobbled area that hosts a washing line, but numerous little beasts that live around and within the oak, some reading material, a gym, and extra residents. I’m a little concerned that the oak tree alongside, which is dead and host to Ganoderma resinaceum, will be felled due to health and safety reasons, because the owner of that tree is afraid of the risk of the tree falling. We will, of course, see what happens, on that front.

Anyway, not wanting to rant and rave too much about retaining standing deadwood, I have included some photos below of the new-and-improved fairy house. I admit, the green landscaping is very good – some municipalities and local authorities could learn a thing or two from them.

fairy house tree oak 1
Welcome to this humble and modest abode…
fairy house tree oak 2
…where we have books,
fairy house tree oak 3
…a seating area,
fairy house tree oak 4
…a washing line (!?),
fairy house tree oak 5
…a vicious beast that guards the upper echelons of the tree,
fairy house tree oak 6
…and a guardian Santa Claus alongside a talking fly agaric and Mario (plus some tiny little cars).
fairy house tree oak 7
Book now, for only £500 per night, per person.
Fairies and deadwood – the saga continues

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