A few more book purchases

Whilst I don’t necessarily know when I’ll get round to reading all of the books I have, I do like buying new ones that seem interesting. I am fond of knowing that I have a wealth of information available at my fingertips, and it’s not locked behind an electronic system connected to a vast network of different servers (computers and the internet). Therefore, when I did a bit of searching to find some books that covered religious and historical aspects of trees, I came across the following publications (which I subsequently ordered).

These are all very niche books that obviously took a lot of time to write, and the compiling so many references into one place also helps as it can direct me off to other publications if I so desire. I’m not sure if, particularly for the two Anglo-Saxon books and the one of trees in the Bible, there’d be any such vast sums of information available anywhere else, either.

As always, links to buy the books are in the description box below the image.

God’s Trees: Trees, forests, and wood in The Bible (top left – buy here); Not Just Trees: The Legacy of a Douglas Fir Forest (top right – buy here); Trees in the Religions of Early Medieval England (bottom left – buy here), and; Trees in Anglo-Saxon England (bottom right – buy here).
A few more book purchases

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