A strange Aesculus graft

This specimen was within the large park I visited last week. I am not sure what was grafted onto this Aesculus hippocastanum stem, but it’s certainly a marked difference in bark texture! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Such a stark contrast a few feet up the stem.
A strange Aesculus graft

4 thoughts on “A strange Aesculus graft

  1. Jonas says:

    That is a weird place for a graft, although it has clearly kept pace with the root stock, so a good match in terms of vigour. As for what it is, well it looks like a typical sycamore but in the context of the parkland setting I’m guessing it isn’t but maybe an acre of some kind?


    1. The buds from the basal sprout were Aesculus hippocastanum by the looks of it – sticky, elongated, and green-brown. I thought perhaps an Indian horse chestnut was grafted onto it. May have to return when it is in leaf during summer!


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