Not dead and still dreaming

This blog I have not updated in some years. However, it isn’t being neglected. I simply don’t have much to say at the moment that hasn’t already been said, or I’m otherwise learning other aspects of life from everything that I do. I hope that people still find use in the material here and I hope that in the future this also applies; I hope to publish some more material, after some years.

I am, for those that are wondering, still working in the arboricultural sphere. In particular, I am working in the planning and development sphere. This sphere is sometimes a rather rabid beast and there’s a lot to digest. It’s interesting, as I’ve found I’ve learned more about matters not directly associated with arboriculture, though in learning about other matters I have improved vastly in more holistic terms and that has helped me do better in the arboricultural sphere.

That, I think, is the point of this quick post: don’t go through your arboricultural career with puritanical blinkers on, for I think that it’ll be the undoing of things. It may well be the undoing of you, too – sooner or later, anyway.

In saying that, I mean it when I say that the planning and development sphere is rabid. It will devour everything, if it’s not kept in line. Some things are worth devouring and other things are not; and people will disagree until the world ends on what those things are.

Have fun!

Not dead and still dreaming

3 thoughts on “Not dead and still dreaming

  1. Anthony Mills says:

    Great to see you back and active here again! It seems that some of your former output [which is indeed still very relevant and frequently referred to, even with the continuing mystery to some of your identity!…] was sort of on the back of an academic course. Is that the case again? Otherwise, what has prompted the revival? I look forward with eager anticipation to your always interesting insights.

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    1. Hi Anthony. Yes, a lot of prior technical stuff was academic-related, though the religion-related posts to do with trees and subsequent ones on trees in planning were out of my own interests. As for why I posted this now, I was watching a particular podcast and something that was said made me want to check in here with a quick update and comment. That’ll probably be it for now as I am very busy with life generally at the moment 🙂

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  2. Anthony
    Your blog is/was always interesting reading and I hope that you can continue to nourish our arbofilic minds. I have been working as an arboricultural “expert” here in the Mediterrenean basin for well over 30 years so your blog provides good well balanced technical/academic ideas for people like myself are not in the loop of the Day to Day évolution of are in the UK.

    keep it going when you can



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