A brief overview of this blog from 2016

It has been a very productive year for me, not only on the front that is this blog but on many other fronts, too. The summer hiatus gave me time to prepare some of the blog posts you’re now seeing, and also gave me the opportunity to relax and get out and look for fungi, which is my main hobby outside of work. 2017 will therefore see plenty of fungi-related posts (as well as a continuation of tree-related ones, of course!), and as I move into starting a two-year course in October of 2017 there will be a new influx of posts that students might find very useful for their learning – be it at the time, or as future reading material. My core aim with this blog is – after all – to share information and experiences that I think are really quite awesome, and whilst one can recognise that ‘awesome’ is based in subjectivity, compiling information on rather niche areas and sharing it with you all is something I greatly enjoy and think is a morally good thing to do. So much information is behind a paywall that providing individuals with free-to-access information (that is referenced) could not be more important – we aren’t all made of money, and as of yet it doesn’t grow on trees!

Anyway, what I wanted to do here was briefly run down the specs of this blog for this year – in case any of you were interested. If not, stop reading now. If interested, below are a few stats over the year of 2016.

Total blog views and visitors for 2016, as well as total likes and comments left by people.
Hits per month. Notice that the inactivity led to decreased traffic, which is to be expected!
The pages on this blog with the most hits during 2017. Hopefully you have read some of these!
Here is where traffic was directed from. As you can see, search engine results are by far the highest means of people finding this blog, though social media does rather well, too. Nice to see Moodle links getting a look-in, too!
This is where you are all going after reading some of my blog posts. Most clicks are to take readers to research articles or books. I am glad that people click these links where I provide them, and hopefully Summerfield Books and other sellers have had a little custom from this, too. Always support book sellers!
Finally, here are where IP addresses are registered to (in terms of countries). Hits have come from countries not on this list (as there are too many to show here!), though we can see the bulk come from the UK and USA. Hello to the Aussie arbs, by the way!

And I leave you with this, as the UK is shrouded in mist and we all lust for the warmth and sun once again. I wish you all a very fruitful 2017.


A brief overview of this blog from 2016

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