New publication: Trees – a Lifespan Approach

Two posts in a day – what’s going on!?

A short one here, with an aim of promoting and sharing the release of a new e-book by some very well-known and well-respected individuals in the world of arboriculture. Trees – a Lifespan Approach is a relatively short (but very crucial) publication that has been in the works for over a year, and was released to the public a few weeks ago.

The publication informs the reader of how they can assist in caring for a tree across its entire life span – from the cradle to the grave, so to speak. More importantly, particularly for when a tree gets older and wanders innocently and eagerly into what we call ‘veteran’ territoty, it gives the reader information on what they can do to ‘help’ the tree, and more importantly why they should.

Ironically, a veteran tree displays many of the hazards we would not want to see in trees that aren’t veteran, and thus there is certainly more of a challenge in satisfying the need to keep the tree and the need to ensure the tiny chance of a person getting injured or dying as a result of branch and limb failure is made even smaller. Therefore, if we are to intervene, which is often something the law emplores us to do if the tree has a ‘target area’ that sees humans wander into it, we must do so responsibly and in a manner that will properly balance the varying demands from varying interested parties. Honestly, the most interested party is the tree itself, and this publication ensures that we do not lose sight of that fact.

Is this the best way to manage a future veteran tree? Perhaps not. Yes, the rhizosphere is partially protected, but talk about bringing people towards a potential hazard.

Granted, we won’t have veteran and ancient trees unless we properly care for the trees that are currently young to mature (in terms of relative age for the species). Consequently, what we get with Trees – a Lifespan Approach is a blueprint for care from – as I said a little earlier – the cradle to the grave.

Download this, share this, read this, and use this. And, I hope, await the print edition, too. I certainly am eager to begin reading this.


New publication: Trees – a Lifespan Approach

2 thoughts on “New publication: Trees – a Lifespan Approach

  1. Universal Tree Care says:

    Was just reading through this and I’d love it as a book or printed, as reading on the computer drains so much energy.

    I may see how much it would cost to print it out into some kind of booklet…

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