More books about trees and plants

Been busy again and bought a good few books that, as usual, are shown below in the images and then there are the book titles and authors listed beneath that. I have flicked through a few of the books already and, like in most instances, the material looks really impressive. The ones of history are particularly interesting, though the cork oak one will also be a huge treat to read, having read a fair bit about the cork oak in the wood pasture setting.

tree books various 1
Top row (from left): Woods, Hedgerow, & Leafy Lanes (Richard Muir); Plants as Persons: A Philosophical Botany (Matthew Hall); Transformational Nature: Unlocking the secrets of natural form, plant intelligence and the ageing process (Treeworks Environmental). Bottom row (from left): Trees and Timber in the Ancient Mediterranean World (Russell Meiggs); Trees and Timber in the Anglo-Saxon World (Michael Bintley & Michael Shapland); Cork Oak Woodlands on the Edge (James Aronson, Joao Pereira, & Juli Pausas).
tree books various 2
Top row (from left): Trees, Wood, and Timber in Greek History (Oliver Rackham); The Significance of Trees: An Archaeological Perspective (Peter Skoglund). Bottom row: Ancient Trees in the Landscape: Norfolk’s Arboreal Heritage (Gerry Barnes & Tom Williamson).


More books about trees and plants

2 thoughts on “More books about trees and plants

  1. Chris Pearson says:

    I have been signed up to your emails/blogs but not received any since May this year. I just wondered are you still doing them?
    I find them very interesting, they also help me with my college work.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Chris,

      Not for the moment. I have basically sunk myself into books, and am in the process of writing what is quickly becoming a very vast document (or series of documents) on everything tree-related. Sitting at over 50,000 words, currently.

      Is there anything specific you wanted help / info on with college work?



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