Pseudosclerotic plates of Kretzschmaria deusta

On a red horse chestnut (Aesculus x carnea) that was felled today, I had the opportunity to look at the pseudosclerotic plates of the Kretzschmaria deusta colonisations around the base. As expected, they were certainly rather beautiful, and I have included a few images below to show exactly this. The black lines signal the extent of specific mycelial colonies within the wood structure, and as a group they are quite sublime. Natural art!

Pseudo-sclerotic plate Kretzschmaria 1
Colonising right up to near the periphery of the available wood substrate. The chestnut has not at all compartmentalised the decay, which is still in its early stages.
Pseudo-sclerotic plate Kretzschmaria 2
A view of the near the centre of the tree, around 50cm up from the base. Looks like part of a world map!
Pseudo-sclerotic plate Kretzschmaria 3
A closer look at the fictitious counties of the country of Kretzland.
Pseudo-sclerotic plate Kretzschmaria 4
A few isolated areas of more sound wood, amongst a sea of decaying wood. Perhaps other fungi already exist in those areas.
Pseudo-sclerotic plate Kretzschmaria 5
A lovely flower!
Pseudosclerotic plates of Kretzschmaria deusta

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