Optimisation by deformation

The radio silence has, once again, been because I was on holiday. Again, I have returned, and those holiday stints are the last for some time. Crisis averted! Anyway, whilst I was playing a leisurely round of golf (for the first ever time), I snapped this group of poplars. Slap-bang next to the coast, these trees have clearly grown with the direction of the wind, in an attempt to reduce their wind sail area (and more fundamentally as a response to hormone ratios present within their systems, and the drying and dying of buds on the windward side of the tree). Also note how the trees have an overall shape that is akin to a pebble (see Mattheck’s work), which means the wind passes across their structure whilst causing the least amount of potential harm (they are, as a group, also optimised).

wind tree deformation growth
A bit gusty, around!
Optimisation by deformation

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