Ganoderma resinaceum on a fallen Salix (willow)

I was driving down near to a local tip site early yesterday morning, and passed a line of willow just within the tip site’s boundary. As I was driving very slowly due to the presence of speed bumps, I was able to commit a little more than just a fleeting glance at them all. Towards the end of the line, I could see a downed willow (due to windthrow), and pulled over after spotting a few fungal brackets upon the lower stem. I admit that I suspected a species of the Ganoderma genus, though hadn’t expected it to be Ganoderma resinaceum, as this is usually found on oaks (Quercus). Nonetheless, from the photos, it certainly appears to be the lacquered bracket, both from the morphology of the brackets and the colouration. Unfortunately, as there was a chain link fence between me and the willow, I could only get some shots on my camera by zooming in, so pardon the lack of closeness on the below images.

ganoderma resinaceum salix 1
We can clearly see three sporophores of the fungus Ganoderma resinaceum, and the exposed wood that has been de-lignified by the white rot the mycelium creates.
ganoderma resinaceum salix 2
A little bit closer in shows us the distinct lacquered surface atop the bracket, and the pore layer below is certainly what one would expect from Ganoderma resinaceum.
ganoderma resinaceum salix 3
Getting as far around as possible, in a bid to see more of the upper surface, we can see even more readily the lacquered surface atop.
Ganoderma resinaceum on a fallen Salix (willow)

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