The oak apple cynipid (Biorhiza pallida)

On an oak tree right next to the pear tree I posted about earlier today, I spotted a solitary gall of the oak apple cynipid Biorhiza pallida. Evidently very fresh, it can’t have been forming for more than a few weeks. Certainly interesting to see, as usually I see them only when they’re old and no longer supporting any gall wasp larvae. Don’t pick this ‘fruit’!

Biorhiza pallida oak apple 1
In the very lowest part of the crown, sits this single apple gall.
Biorhiza pallida oak apple 2
Looking more closely, a marked glisten is observable on its structure.
Biorhiza pallida oak apple 3
The terminal buds have evidently deformed, as a result of the larvae and venom injected by the ovipositing female gall wasp (causing the oak’s tissue to mutate).
Biorhiza pallida oak apple 4
Probably the best picture of the lot. I’d say this was around 4-5cm across.
The oak apple cynipid (Biorhiza pallida)

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