Lambs love trees, too

Only a quick post today as I’m absolutely shattered after walking around Ickworth Park for around eight hours with the Ancient Tree Forum. The park is currently being grazed with sheep, and lambing season is in full swing. The little ones have taken a liking to the base of large lapsed oak pollards, to shelter from the generally dreary weather of early April (as the old ‘April showers’ saying goes). Be it a basal cavity, or just a gap between two buttress roots, nothing is off bounds for these little lambs. Of course, this is actually bad for the tree, as the high amount of lamb excrement nitrifies the soil quite significantly, and there is also some compaction damage and bark damage as a result of the presence of the lambs (and sheep), too. Of course, for the lambs, the relationship is wholly beneficial.

trees and lambs 1
Two lambs drawn to the base of a very large oak tree.
trees and lambs 2
A closer look shows how the lamb on the right is sitting within a gap between two buttresses.
trees and lambs 3
These lambs are drawn to the fallen deadwood. The high abundance of nettles around the tree suggests a lot of historic grazing activity.
trees and lambs 4
A lamb sits within a large cavity at the base of a veteran oak. Again, note the nettles.
trees and lambs 5
Slightly closer, in this image.
trees and lambs 6
“Oi mate, sod off from my tree, okay!?”
Lambs love trees, too

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