Fungal geotropism with Ganoderma

A line of massive elms (Ulmus sp.) exists quite nearby to my place of work, and I thought I’d take a look at them today during a break as some have, as they have hollowed-out over time, fallen. On top of hacking off quite a large bumblebee in a hollow stump, I came across a fine example of a Ganoderma (suspected G. australe) that had existed prior to its host elm falling, and following its change in orientation, re-grew in response to the new direction of gravity acting upon its structure. In short, this is known as geotropism (or gravitropism), and the pictures probably explain it easily enough.

A large elm stem complete with a Ganoderma on its leftern half
Quite a chunky one, which had been tipped on its side. No worries, said the fungus, for it’ll just re-orientate itself.
Just a little closer.
And closer still!
Fungal geotropism with Ganoderma

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