More books and more reading

And so, the book shelves continue to bulge. These additions are a little different to the more standard tree books, as I’ve taken an interest in understanding more about the traditional and cultural values of trees as of late (plus wanting to learn more about redwoods, before visiting next year). Below is the list of books, and where you can purchase them from (assuming you’re interested).

Links below!

Top rowThe Spirit of Trees (Hageneder, F.); The Olive: Tree of Civilization (Train, J.)

Middle rowThe Redwood Forest (Noss, R.); Coast Redwood: A Natural and Cultural History (Evarts, J. & Popper, M.); From the Redwood Forest (Dunning, J.)

Bottom rowPlants of the Bible and the Quran (Musselman, L.); Tree Wisdom: The Definitive Guidebook (Paterson, J.); Celtic Tree Magic (Forest, D.)

More books and more reading

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