Churchyard lime pollards

I was out walking in and around the village where my girlfriend lives yesterday (Easter Friday), after we thought we’d take advantage of the nice weather. After going through some fields and generally seeing just an abundance of dead elm (thank you Dutch elm disease), we finished up by walking back past the village church (not where the dead elm are remembered). Within the grounds sat dozens upon dozens of pollarded lime trees, almost perfectly uniform, and certainly high in amenity value. I confess that they’re probably some of the best pollards I have seen outside of a traditionally-managed wood pasture, and therefore thought some of you may be interested in them as well (granted, I am easily amused, having found joy on numerous occasions in looking at the somewhat vulgar Ganoderma applanatum / Ganoderma australe). The beauty with these limes is that, even during winter, they’re so interesting. A fine example of year-round interest.

A lovely greeting!
Here we can see them from a different angle. The entire periphery of the site is also lined by such limes. It absolutely creates a formal landscape, that fits with the theme of a graveyard (in the nicest sense).
Some fabulous knuckles have formed on the limes. They must be pollarded every few years, one would imagine.
Churchyard lime pollards

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