Guerrilla Ganoderma

This Ganoderma (suspected G. australe – given the flesh colour being a dark reddish-brown) was a little bit crafty in how it presented itself. At the base of a clonally-propagated rowan (grafted), and amongst the furore of the grafting union and the bricked and muddy surrounds, this ‘little’ guy emerged. Easily missed, if I was not looking properly!

Here we can see the tree, in somewhat of a tatty and sorry state (it has a lot of deadwood within the crown; at least, from what I observed last summer). We can jsut about see the fungus here, too.
Ta-daa! “If I just sit here long enough, perhaps I’ll blend in with the tree even more…”
Amongst the mud, this is admittedly easy to see here but was not so in a real-time setting.
Cutting open the flesh, we can see how it is quite reddish-brown. This suggests it may be Ganoderma australe.
A lovely side profile displays the sporophore’s lack of elevation from the ground.
Guerrilla Ganoderma

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