Tree spotlight: Corylus colurna

The Turkish hazel is by no means not utilised in the urban environmnent, as I have seen a few examples of streets lined with this species. However, I don’t see it as a tree that is necessarily appreciated as much as it could be, in terms of its utility within the street scene (notably on slightly wider verges). Possessing a great mature form that sees it adopt a rather fastigiated style (at least before the height of maturity), it also seems to tolerate enclosed rooting environments quite effectively. The species also has a really lovely bark texture that gives it some extra amenity value, on top of its rather elegant form. I admit, the leaves are also quite interesting, as is its nut crop. Granted, for those highly allergic to nuts, the presence of this tree may be somewhat disconcerting. A nut crop all over the pavement may also be an issue, in terms of pedestrian safety. Of course, this can easily be remdied by having the street swept whilst the problem is evident.

I had a few planted recently, as a matter of fact. Below are two photos from one of them, showing close-ups of parts of the tree.

The wonderfully-textured bark, upon touch, has a rather cork-like feel.
A shot of the shoot and terminal bud.
Tree spotlight: Corylus colurna

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