Inonotus hispidus on Sorbus – a winter follow-up

Back last summer, I came across these two sporophores up in the lower crown of a Sorbus intermedia. Today, I re-visited the site, and as expected they are still there – albeit inactive and blackened. I imagine that, in the coming year or two, they will drop from the tree and persist on the ground beneath. In fact, this is key for Inonotus hispidus, as one should always inspect the ground beneath the tree in order to see if fruiting bodies of this species can be found. Normally, an inspection of the ground beneath a mature ash tree would be wise, though of course the fungus can colonise other species as well (such as Sorbus).

Here we can see the two brackets up near the lower crown.
A close-up reveals the blackened appearance, though we can still see a slight orange undertone.
Inonotus hispidus on Sorbus – a winter follow-up

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