Books acquired this past fortnight

My ever-expanding library has a few more additions. All tree-related, though covering quite a broad range of subjects. The pollard management book was provided very kindly by an individual free-of-charge, which I am massively appreciative of. Having onced-over all of the books (asides from TiT2, which is a CD plus executive summary), they all look like very interesting reads.

If you’re interested in any of the books, I have links below.

Links can be found below (from top left to bottom right).

Pollard and Veteran Tree Management II (edited by Helen Read – no link available); The End of Tradition? (edited by Ian Rotherham, Mauro Agnoletti, and Christine Handley); Analysis of the Royal Preserves in Portugal (authored by Cristina Joanaz de Melo); Animals, Man & Treescapes (edited by Ian Rotherham and Christine Handley); Urban Tree Management (edited by Andreas Roloff), and; Trees in Towns II (edited by Chris Britt and Mark Johnston).

Books acquired this past fortnight

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