Two grassy Ganoderma

I was out checking some young cherries that were planted two winters ago, to replace older individuals that had been removed (this road is home to over a hundred Japanese cherries, aligned as an avenue on either side of the road itself). Whilst taking a look at the below individual, I spotted two Ganoderma sp. sporophores emanating from the ground. I can only imagine they’re fruiting on some old and subterranean remnants of the butt of the previous cherry, as there is no discernible evidence of a stump existing above ground any more. I don’t think the mycelium have colonised the stake. It instead appears to simply be wrapping around the stake shown, as it’s just in the way of the growing sporophore.

Very cool, eh!

Just admiring a young cherry, when…
….uh?! Interesting!
I think this one walked straight out of military training. Sublime subterfuge!
The stake is in the way of this sporophore. I don’t think it was actually decaying the stake.
Two grassy Ganoderma

2 thoughts on “Two grassy Ganoderma

    1. Absolutely! And yes, it looks gorgeous. I shall be getting photos and sharing them, worry not! It’s delightful that the residents adore the trees as well. The cherries tear up the pavement in places, though rarely do I get a request to have any removed (if ever). I got some replanted this year, and the residents were actually delighted about it. Always good to have that reaction!


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