Trench warfare – arboricultural edition

During the summer of last year, I came across the following scene on a building site. I don’t even know where to begin with this one, as it was that atrocious that the only thing I could do was laugh, curse, and take photos. The two ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior) were removed very shortly afterwards, once the site managers were aware of what had happened and what the risks were with leaving the ash trees standing. A shame, as they were very nice trees, and I don’t know whether there has been any re-planting. I hope there has.

Look and weep.

Nice use of fencing in this picture, keeping the area entirely safe.
We can see the public highway (footpath and road) to the left of the site. More remarkably, we can see the depth of the trenching. Goodbye, anchorage roots.
A few roots stick out of the soil quite awkwardly.
Workers are within the target zone of the tree.
A full crown on both trees, and here we can see the highway once again. The road (constantly used) is just out of view.
Trench warfare – arboricultural edition

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