Co-dominant fork (with bark inclusion) failure on beech

An old pollard that had three stems before it had but two (though it now has only one!), we can see how recent the second failure event was. We had some strong winds last week, and I suspect this occurred then. Massive failure, though given it’s within Epping Forest it’ll be left on the deck and be host to many species of fungi and insect in the future.

Looking at the failure zone, an area of bark inclusion was evident. No doubt, this impacted upon the structural integrity of the beech, and facilitated with its failure a week or two ago.

A nice surprise on the opposite side of the tree, as well. And no, it wasn’t a winning lottery ticket.

Quite a nasty failure!
But we can see how the area of bark inclusion didn’t help. There’s also some decay in there.
And where another stem tore out (many moons ago), Ganoderma sp. (suspected Ganoderma applanatum) have colonised. Massive brackets!
Co-dominant fork (with bark inclusion) failure on beech

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