Daedaleopsis confragosa on a fallen birch log

At an Ancient Tree Forum event today, which was hosted at Epping Forest, I came across a huge array of fungal species on multiple host species. I’ll be sharing many of these photos over the coming week, as well as some awesome pictures of old coppiced and pollarded beech and hornbeam. However, for now, I’m sharing a few shots of some blushing brackets (Daedaleopsis confragosa) on a small piece of coarse woody debris from Betula pendula. These are nothing particularly rare, and I have also seen them on fallen birch logs before, though it’s a good example of the fungus and builds on my recent post showing it on willow.

We can see four sporophores on this small log.
A closer inspection of the one on the bottom right. It has largely remain unblemished.
More of a side profile on this one. A very thin sporophore, in this instance.
Daedaleopsis confragosa on a fallen birch log

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