An un-named tree worthy of a name

The Beast‘ would probably suffice for this tree (if I recall, it was a Fagus sylvatica), given it is frankly rather massive. Perhaps an old pollard that fluted so much it split into different sections, an old main stem that sent up sprouts that remained after the original stem rotted away, or even massive coppice stool with pollarded stems, it’s certainly on the healthier side of large! A real cracker, and the last image demonstrates exactly how big it really is. You won’t see anything like this gracing an urban street verge, any time soon!

Any puns will likely stem from the fact that this is a large tree…
…butt I confess, I’m not sure if I should stool on the jokes or not.
I suppose it’s simply important to get to the root of the issue, and understand the weight and mechanics behind any such witty comment.
Regardless, this is a monster of a tree! About as many stems as there are puns, I’d say.
An un-named tree worthy of a name

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