Tree spotlight: Crataegus monogyna ‘Stricta’

There are fastigiate cultivars of most things these days, it seems. The common hawthorn is no exception to this. Whilst never seeing this tree in maturity, I did recently plant a few in response to finding out about it during a search online for good urban trees. Accordinging to available sources, it’s as hardy as its ‘parent’ Crataegus monogyna (which is to be expected), and its very compact and ascending crown structure allows it to be planted along roads and within right spaces rather well – such crown structure may also mean it will have an intriguing presence, even when bare during the winter. It also produces a good amount of flowers, ensuring that the attraction the hawthorn provides in spring is not lost in this cultivar.

I am certainly curious to see how the individuals I planted this winter will develop over the coming years.

This large specimen is very impressive. In maturity, it may reach up to 7-8m.
Tree spotlight: Crataegus monogyna ‘Stricta’

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