A few books acquired over the last two weeks

I’m always adding to my book collection, and am also keen on getting a good price on the books I buy (some I have acquired for as little as £0.01!). Hence, when I saw some of the below books for the price that they were, and taking into account the content, I thought I’d part with a little bit of money. Always a good investment, that’s for certain!

The books I acquired, from top left to bottom right (click on each title for a link to where you can buy a copy), were: The History, Ecology, and Archaeology of Medieval Parks and Parklands, Petrified Forest – A Story in Stone, Amber – The Natural Time Capsule, Shadow Woods and Ghosts: A Survey Guide, World Without Trees – Dutch elm disease and other human errors, and City Trees: A Historical Geography from the Renaissance through the Nineteenth Century.

Plenty of reading to do!
A few books acquired over the last two weeks

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