Last Vestige of Old Joy

It’s not going to be often that I share things outside of what we’d probably consider ‘true’ arboriculture or forestry (and environmental conservation, for that matter, as the two go somewhat hand-in-hand), though I’m sitting here reading Trees in Towns and Cities by Mark Johnston and listening to the music of a folk band from Finland called Nest (they use the kantele, a Finnish instrument, to very good effect, as well as a Didgeridoo). There’s one particular song of theirs that is very poignant and may likely have reference to man’s urbanisation and industrial pursuits, which I thought I’d share below (lyrics included).

You can listen to the track here, if you so desire.

Once we played in this forest in the shade of the tall trees
at the dawn of this particular time.
But many an aeon has passed since and many a fate has changed.

…and our great woods died. No new seeds have been planted for ages
And those that were have been torn out from the soil.


Last Vestige of Old Joy

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