The growth of a Ganoderma resinaceum sporophore

I followed the growth of two Ganoderma resinaceum sporophores at the butt of a mature roadside Quercus robur during the summer just gone, to ascertain rate of growth and the way in which the fungus developed morphologically. The below photos detail its growth from 12th August 2015 to 2nd November 2015.

On 12th August 2015, the scene is set. A large Quercus robur, with some developing Ganoderma resinaceum sporophores at its base on the road-side.
We can see an inactive bracket above two developing ones. The two brackets below are forming atop growth of a previous year.
By 26th August, the two brackets have begun to merge with each other. They still have a lot of growth to potentially lay down, also.
By 2nd November, this was how the bracket had developed. The two have now merged, forming one large bracket. The spores atop also make it looks like a Ganoderma applanatum from this angle, but we can see the lacquered surface below (just!).
This image is to give a sense of size (against the inactive bracket, and also the tree).
The growth of a Ganoderma resinaceum sporophore

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