Trees in artwork: Ian Ridley

Every so often I’ll be recommended or stumble across an artist that paints landscapes that feature trees. In this case, a friend suggested I look at the work by an artist named Rowland Hilder. Whilst looking at his landscapes, which are genuinely amazing, I came across an image by an artist by the name Ian Ridley. I can say that I was nothing short of captivated by his work, and have decided to share a few of my favourites below.

IR Into the Distant Light
‘Into the Distant Light’
IR Into the Light
‘Into the Light’
IR Misty Start to the Day
‘Misty Start to the Day’
IR Winter Wonderland
‘Winter Wonderland’

If you’re interested in seeing more of Ian Ridley’s works, his website is here. Most of his paintings feature trees either within woodland or as part of the wider landscape.

Trees in artwork: Ian Ridley

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