A small hazard now, but progressively worsening

I came across this plane (Platanus x hispanica) a few weeks ago, and noticed it had split quite gloriously at the main fork / junction. Certainly a compression fork that formed with included bark, and it has since peeled apart and taken on such a hazardous form. The target area beneath is not significant, though there is an access road very close by that is (I suspect) rarely used. However, I cannot see this plane reaching maturity, either as a result of failure during loading events, or because of its removal by the park managers.

Quite a nice plane tree…
…oh, wait. Quite a nice structural defect, as well.
A small hazard now, but progressively worsening

2 thoughts on “A small hazard now, but progressively worsening

  1. Gary Prentice says:

    I don’t think this is uncommon in one particular variety of Plane, although I’ve never investigated it further.

    Analysing the cost to remove, and hopefully replant, is bolting and bracing an option?


    1. Hi Gary. It’s not a tree that’s anything to do with me (in a park owned by another athority), though I presume they’d replant. Little use in retaining the tree unless they do some serious supporting installations!


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