The subtle nature of Kretzschmaria deusta

Whilst visiting one of the largest parks (574 acres) in the region today, I came across two sycamore monoliths in an area of partially open ground. My first thought was one of intrigue, as there is always a reason behind why a tree is monolithed but, in this instance, I was struggling to find the reason. When taking a very close look at the base of the trees however, I came across some old Kretzschmaria deusta sporophores. And that, I almost certainly suspect, was the reason for the monolithing.

It always pays to investigate!

Here we see one of the two sycamore monoliths. Vigorous sprouting from the base can be observed.
Taking a close look, fruiting bodies of Kretzschmaria deusta can be identified. Always inspect closely with this fungus, as it is rather inconspicuous.
The subtle nature of Kretzschmaria deusta

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