Trees in Croatia

The summer before last I paid a visit to Croatia. As a wonderful country with a much lower population density than the UK, and also full of trees, I was certainly not complaining!

What I did note was their huge reliance upon trees within urban environments (excluding old medieval towns, such as old Dubrovnik, where there are very few trees – though as soon as you leave the walled area, trees are in relative abundance), which made for a fantastic experience.

Below are a few images that I find particularly interesting, though there are a huge array of images with trees (including some that appear to be groves of olive trees).

Possibly one of the greatest settings for a church in the entire region!
Here we can see the new town of Dubrovnik, and the heavy canopy cover provided by (predominantly) evergreen species.
Contrast that with the old town of Dubrovnik, and this is what you get. A few trees can be found, including an orange by the wall tree that had kindly been giving visitors free fruit (unfortunately, they had been taken before I got there and the rest were out of reach!).
On one of the islands off of Dubrovnik, I took this image of a tree-lined street. The poster child of urban arboriculture, no doubt!
A quaint little stand of (from memory) aspen and holm oak. If I had turned the other way and walked 50m down a hill, I’d have been at a beech crammed with tourists. This view was much nicer.
Trees in Croatia

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