Delving into a new book

I purchased Trees in Towns and Cities – A History of British Urban Arboriculture back when it was first published, and always intended to read it straight away. For whatever reason, that didn’t happen. Nonetheless, having started reading through this as of last night, I have a good feeling that this will be a very enlightening book. Already, I have made note of some publications from 1600-1800 that sound interesting and, thanks to modern technology, they are available as historic re-prints for very good value.

No doubt I shall be posting some interesting facts from this book.

You could almost accuse me of strategically positioning this book on a booker reader that sits in front of some of my other books…!

For those looking to buy this book, you can order it from Summerfield Books, Oxbow Books, or Amazon. As with everything, Amazon is usually cheaper (either directly, or through many of the sellers that use the site), though the first two sites I mentioned are very respectable businesses that always benefit from new customers – Oxbow Books actually sells a range of books, on a massive array of subjects. Summerfield Books is probably the best site around for botanical publications, in the UK. Arden Books, whilst not stocking this book, also has some great listings – many are old books long out of print, and for very good value.

Always better to support smaller dealers.

Delving into a new book

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