Ganoderma on eucalyptus

Whilst at Hampstead Heath, I was shown,┬áby the arb guys, a large eucalyptus that had been colonised by Ganoderma spp. (I suspect Ganoderma australe, given both the growth form and its rather frequently observed appearance in Australia’s Queensland region compared to other Ganoderma species on Eucalyptus spp., though inspection of spores under the microscope could confirm or deny this).

As this is the first time I have seen Ganoderma spp. fruiting on a eucalyptus within the UK, and given the fact it’s probably very uncommon, here are some of the best shots I took.

Here’s a look at the eucalyptus from afar. At the top of the image we can see pruning wounds from where, every few years, it is reduced.
If you look closely, you can see the bracket takes up most of the centre of the image.
A nice look at the top of the large bracket reveals the brilliant array of browns (yes, I really did just say that) Ganoderma spp. brackets can display.
Peering in closely, we can see the bracket’s underside.
A smaller bracket on another side of the butt.
Ganoderma on eucalyptus

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