Rigidoporus ulmarius on hybrid black poplar

Earlier this summer (during late August), I noticed a developing Rigidoporus ulmarius sporophore between two buttresses of a hybrid black poplar. Because of the location of the tree, both in terms of the target area and its exposed setting, it was evident that some form of management would likely be needed. As a result, crown reduction works were issued during early autumn, and following a further inspection by myself in late October, I took a few more images for comparison’s sake.

My initial thought, having inspected the tree from afar, was that it was in good shape – the crown is clearly very dense, there is no indication of bark damage, limb failure, and so on.
Peering through the longer grass at the base of the tree revealed something that changed my mind, somewhat – a developing Rigidoporus ulmarius sporophore. At this point, management considerations were particularly necessary. In this instance, a reduction was proposed.
Returning two months later in late October, we can see how the form and colour of the bracket has changed. It is now slightly larger, and has the typical algal green atop.
And here is the poplar following reduction. For me, the important thing is that risk is now temporarily reduced as a result of a reduction in dragging forces under wind loading, though future management needs must now be considered and undertaken on a cyclical basis.
Rigidoporus ulmarius on hybrid black poplar

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