Trees within artwork

Without question, going out and exploring the world to find interesting trees is enjoyable. Similarly, looking at incredible photos of trees (perhaps from across the world,  by simply peering at a computer screen) can be rewarding. However, when trees feature as part of a drawing or painting, or even are the feature of the artwork, there is no denying that – particularly if the artist is skilled – the same sense of awe is evoked. The New Sylva, for example, is full to the brim with incredible illustrations.

One artist for me that I consider to produce some incredible work is Albert Bierstadt. Bierstadt painted landscapes of the American West, of which many included trees. Below are some of my favourites (click on the source for a larger image).

‘Pioneers of the Woods’. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
‘Yosemite Valley’. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
‘Autumn Woods’. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
‘California Spring’. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
‘A View from Sacramento’. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
‘Irvington Woods’. Source: WikiArt.
Trees within artwork

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