Fistulina hepatica fruiting within the crown of an oak

Whilst Fistulina hepatica can be found upon its host wherever there is heartwood to be degraded, it’s normally found on the main trunk (particularly closer to the butt , because of the greater abundance of heartwood available). However, during the summer I spotted a small fruiting body up in the crown of a mature oak tree, on a branch with a diameter of around 15-20cm. So keep your eyes out for fungi where you may not expect them!

Here we can see the fruiting body emanating from a branch attached to a major limb.
The red circle shows its location in this image, and demonstrates how high up in the crown it is.
Having taken the branch attached off (there were visible signs of decay, stemming from this hollow that was likely an old branch attachment), we can see that the fungus was fruiting out of said hollow. Pulling off the bark revealed not only the brown rot associated with Fistulina hepatica, but also a stringy white rot of another fungal species.
Fistulina hepatica fruiting within the crown of an oak

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