Yet more Pseudoinonotus dryadeus on oak

So over the bank holiday weekend I shared some images of Pseudoinonotus dryadeus on an oak that stood at a woodland edge next to a golf course. Said oak exhibited all the classic signs of decay from this fungal species (significant root buttressing, in particular). Today, I was lucky to spot another example, complete with a developing hollow. Another Eiffel Tower in the making.

A close-up on an algal-covered desiccated bracket.
Two brackets could be found at the base of the oak on this side. Also note the buttressing at the base.
On the other side of the oak’s base, we can observe the remnants of another bracket.
Next to this, a hollow can be seen.
A closer look of the hollow, complete with litter.
Looking up into the heart of the oak, we can observe the rotting heartwood.
Looking at the oak’s entire structure, we can see it has recently been pruned (likely in the last year).
Yet more Pseudoinonotus dryadeus on oak

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