Welcome to this arboricultural blog

In this blog I will be sharing facts, experiences, and news associated with the arboricultural industry, in a bid to improve not only my own knowledge of arboriculture but help others expand their knowledge too. Posts will include book reviews, article reviews, facts (many will be cross-posted from my ‘Arboricultural Fact of the Day‘ thread on ArbTalk), industry news, general musings about arboriculture, and – perhaps at times – other things not so closely associated with arboriculture. The tagging widget on the sidebar should enable for simple navigation of my posts.

I hope that – in time – this blog becomes a valuable resource for those seeking to learn, and prompts others to share information similarly. Please feel welcome to leave comments where you deem it necessary, and I shall respond.

So why did I start this blog, you may be wondering. Put simply, in an era where access to information has never been so easy, it is upon us to ensure that the flow of information is constant and ever-increasing (as I am sure that is what we all want). Perhaps that is why I have made this blog (in an ever-expanding sea of blogs), to provide myself – and anyone reading – with the tools and source material to improve upon existing arboricultural knowledge.

Welcome to this arboricultural blog

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