The Lombardy poplar in autumn

Trees provide fantastic amenity value year-round, though there are those times of the year when their beauty just steps up a level. An avenue of blossoming Japanese cherries in Spring lights up an otherwise dull urban roadscape, and the rich crimson red flushing of Liquidambar styraciflua foliage during autumn is a joy to behold in an urban park.

So when I was taking a stroll through a local open space, which is home to many Populus nigra ‘Italica’, I was awestruck by their intense golden colours on one fine afternoon during autumn. I admit, working typically within urban areas, I don’t oft see a Lombardy poplar have room to adopt an unhindered growth form (unfortunately many have their tops taken out because of the perceived risk associated with a tall tree, and the fact they are physically dominant, and block light), though this sight really gave me a different perspective on the Lombardy.


The Lombardy poplar in autumn

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